The 21st century is driven by globalization, technological advancements, and cross-cultural interactions. This is quite exciting for human development in diverse career specializations and the new way we interact with the rest of the world. 

We Foster TALENTS EXCHANGE being the bridge that connects a new work-force to meaningful Professional Training Programs hosted by our Top networking of Start-ups, Multinational Companies, NGOs, Universities, and Industry Experts around the world (CL, HK, AU, CAN, EU, US).


We specialized in the offer of customized Internships and Group Travels to embrace the life/career of a new generation of professionals who choose to get trained globally; while they discover trendy industries, develop future skills, found ideas, and create transformative networks to stand-out. 

Senior Mechanical Civil Engineer & Entrepreneur



Jorge Millan 

PhD in Diplomacy

Director international relations

Philippe Werner-Wildner PhD

Publicist with a Major in Marketing

Brand Manager

Macarena Millan 


+852 6689 2137

Coordinator in HK

Herman Kuok  

Our passion is to enhance the life/careers of young talents connecting them to experiential learning programs hosted by top organizations around the globe.   

We invite you to join the journey.