Our Participants



Cristobal Hurtado / Chilean / 25 Years old 

+ Business Management from Florida State University USA (2012-2016) 

+ Diploma in Marketing & Sales from Universidad de Chile

High-Performance Athlete

" I want to be a highly trained, diligent and proactive professional with the aim to contribute to a world in constant evolution which every day requires more innovation and efficiency in its processes "

Multinational Host ::: Hartrodt division Food and beverage logistics

Internship Position ::: Customer relations

Program duration ::: 6 months  

This high-performance athlete noticed that Chile was demanding professionals with international experience. Thinking about how he could differentiate from his peers, he had the idea to enroll in an MBA in Europe and then he heard about us. 


We review Cristobal's potential and we start to promote his profile with our Networking in HK. After a while, he got offered an Internship Position by a German Multinational Company of Transport and Logistics that was looking to bring closer the Food & Beverage market to Latin America.


At the monitoring meeting held with him in Hong Kong, he revealed the importance that we played positioning himself in ASIA. He acknowledges the social and innovation potential that makes this city a very desirable destination to learn by doing. In addition, recognizes that it's the right time to spend a season in the heart of Asia and gain the necessary professional training to make a difference with their national peers.


This Young Chilean Talent declares that StudyChile's Network and efforts help him to obtain a suitable Internship position related to his areas of interest for his life/career development.

After 4 months of the program doing an outstanding performance, Cristobal got offered a job position in Hong Kong, Mexico or Peru offices by his Host Company



Chak Nam KUOK "Herman" / Hongkonese / 22 Years old 

+ Bachelor of Social Sciences in Sociology (Honors) from Hong Kong Baptist University 

+ Chong Gene Hang College (CGHC)

+ Languages : Chinese; English and Mandarin

“I would like to be the well-trained and passionate analyst with the insightful thinking for revealing the hidden agenda in everyday life as I've been living by this motto for a while - Stay hungry, Stay foolish”

NGO Host ::: Fundación Gabriel & Mary Mustakis

Internship Position ::: Impact Analyst for STEAM programs 

Program duration ::: 8 weeks   

Herman is a young sociologist graduated with honors from Hong Kong Baptist University. He definitely was a visionary when he had the idea to live an Internship program out of the classical destinations.


In the interview that we had, he stated that as a sociologist exists infinite areas where you can develop your professional career, and therefore he wanted to have this opportunity to discover his own path. 


Unfortunately, in his last Internship, he just did paperwork and now he was looking for a meaningful experience to have the chance of train skills, get a unique perspective about Chilean culture and how organizations work. Herman declared to us: " I'm looking for a higher sense of freedom to show my availabilities", "I know there are great international relations between Chile and HK, so I hope I can be the bridge between the people from these 2 regions"


We got in contact with Mustakis NGO that promotes the intellectual development and creative awakening of children and youth people through interactive and playful experiences.  We introduced Herman's profile and the department of Science and Technology was happy to design something significant for the candidate and the Organization. 


Herman was invited to be part of "Makers Musical" Project; where professors of MIT were coming to Chile to share their knowledge of art, science & technology; and through their guidance participants will build their own instruments. Also, he got offered to be part of Educational Robotic workshops "CLUBS OF CyT" that took place in different cities of Chile, giving to Herman the opportunity to see more of the country.


We are pleased to share that this 8-weeks experience was great for Herman and Mustakis. The NGO appreciated Herman’s contribution and they will take into consideration his analysis of STEAM for future programs. 



Feng Yixiao "Paul" / Beijinger / 20 Years old 

Bachelor of Arts in Language Studies and Translation (Honors)

from The Open University of Hong Kong

+ Beijing No. 35 High School

+ Languages:  English and Mandarin Chinese

“My objective is to expose myself in foreign cultures and improve cross-cultural communication skills. To broad my horizons in order to translate properly. I’m Interested in different cultures and languages and I’m willing to contribute to international understanding”

University Host ::: Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI) 

Internship Position :::Internationalization of UAI in China 

Program duration ::: 8 weeks   

Paul was born & raised in Beijing and currently is studying Language and translations at Open University HK. He has the ability to learn new languages fast and his hobby is Astronomy. 

He stated that was interested in this program in South America because it's not a developed region, therefore there will be new opportunities, as-well it's aware that Chile is one of the best places in the world for astronomical observation. 

We promoted his profile at Adolfo Ibañez University (UAI), one of the best private Universities from the country that is looking forward to being +GLOBAL every day.

UAI offer to him an Internship Program with the following tasks: Translations to Chinese of UAI website contents, Promotion of UAI Academic Programs in China, Proposal of a business/marketing strategy in China, Collaboration and Coordination with Tsinghua University Latin American Center in Chile, Cooperation and further development of UAI and Confucius Institute in Chile.

He loved the Chilean mountains, seas, islands, and cultural heritages. According to his place of work stated: “The campus was great, my supervisor was kind and patient, the tasks they gave me were quite challenging and activities such as meeting the South African Ambassador was very meaningful for me”. The best of his stay was to watch the total solar eclipse on 2nd July in la Serena.